If you’re making the step into vaping from smoking, you probably want to know Is it cheaper to buy disposable vapes than smoking?

The quick and simple answer is that vaping can save you an estimated 60% to 70% if you smoke a pack per day.

But there will be many factors that can change this estimate. And in some cases, it costs more to vape than cigarette smoking.

We’re taking a look at the price of disposable vapes and comparing this with the cost of your average pack of cigarettes. We’re also exploring the advantages of using a disposable vape.

Personally, my first experience with vaping was around 8 years ago. I bought a small disposable vape that looked just like a cigarette. Unfortunately, it did very little to satisfy my cravings, and ran out of battery in no time at all!

Now I don’t remember the cost of that disposable, but it certainly wasn’t cheaper than a pack of 20 cigarettes. Jump forward 8 years, and I’m happy to say the outlook is much brighter! Check out Mon V10 2500 Puffs  Wholesale Vapes of Monvaper.

The Price of Disposable Vapes Vs. Smoking

To compare the price of disposable vapes with cigarettes, we looked at a good range of the available disposables on the market. We picked 5 of the most popular disposable vapes currently for sale and worked out the mean cost:

  1. Mon 66 Plus Disposable Vape  –$7.99 (1500 puffs)
  2. MOJO Disposable Pods – $4.95 (250+ Puffs)
  3. PUFF Bar – $8.99 (200+ Puffs)
  4. MOTI PIIN – $9.99 (300+ Puffs)
  5. Cali Bar – $7.99 (300+ Puffs)
  6. STIG Disposable Pod – $4 (270+ Puffs)

    Average cost of a disposable vape = $7.18

We also included the number of puffs to give you a frame of reference for how long each disposable vape should last. On average, smokers take 8-12 puffs per lit cigarette. This means that a pack of 20 cigarettes equates to roughly 200 puffs.

As you can see from the list above all the disposable vapes, we looked at last for at least two hundred puffs. Some even allow for over three hundred puffs (a pack and a half of cigarettes!). For the sake of this comparison, we’re going to base the numbers on a 20 cigarettes a day/200 puffs per day habit.

This means the average cost of using a disposable vape is around $7 per day. That’s $49 a week and $2,548 a year. Of course, if you choose the cheapest disposable vape on the list, this drops quite a bit; the STIG disposable vape would cost around $28 per week and $1,456 per year. It’s also important to remember that many of these disposables exceed the 200 puffs per day mark, so this final cost could be even cheaper. Try out some New series of Disposable Pods like Mon Ice Cream 5000 Puff vape at wholesale price.

The Price of a 20 Pack of Cigarettes

Now, if we look at the average cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes, the results are quite surprising. Obviously, it depends on the brand of cigarettes you buy and where you’re buying them in the world. We looked at the cost of the popular Marlboro brand in the US and the UK:

  1. Cost of a pack of 20 Marlboro in the US = $8
  2. Cost of a pack of 20 Marlboro in the UK = $13.73

So, if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day in the US, you’re going to spend $56 per week and $2,912 per year. If you’re unlucky enough to be a smoker and living in the UK, this jumps to $96 per week and $4,998 per year. The table below shows the savings you could make by switching to disposable vapes:

You can see from the above whether you live in the US or the UK, the price of disposable vapes is much cheaper than smoking. Now while this won’t be the case for every country (a pack of 20 in Vietnam will only set you back $1.21), in the majority of cases, the cheaper option will be disposables.

So Disposables Are Cheaper…But What Are The Other Advantages?

Saving money is a great motivator and an excellent reason to give up cigarettes and switch to vaping. But what are some of the other advantages to using a disposable vape?

Probably the most obvious is the benefit to your health. Cigarettes kill thousands every year and are packed full of chemicals! While vaping might not be good for your health, we can confidently say it’s safer than smoking tobacco.

Disposables also allow smokers an opportunity to try vaping without committing straight away. Reusable mod and tank kits are even cheaper in the long term than disposables, but you still have to purchase the initial goods to get set up.

With disposables, you can try vaping for as little as $4. Vaping isn’t for everyone and disposable vapes give you a chance to see if it’s right for you.

Another benefit of disposables is how similar the experience feels to smoking. Disposable vapes closely mimic the feel of a cigarette, from the sensation of drawing on one to the weight and feel in your hand. This makes it so much easier for smokers to find an achievable way to give up tobacco for good.

So, What Are You Waiting For….?

As you’ve seen, vaping is an excellent option for smokers looking to give up. You can save money, improve your health and stop stinking of tobacco! On top of this, disposable vapes give you a great way to try vaping without committing yourself.

If you’re interested in trying a disposable vape, a great place to start would be Monvaper Online Vape Shop.

There are dozens more great choices out there, and you also have the option of diving straight in and buying yourself a permanent vape device that you refill with e-juice yourself.

Whatever you decide, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, feel free to share this with friends and family who might be looking for a way to give up smoking.

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