Nicotine: A Double-Edged Sword?

Abstract Imbalances in NAD+ homeostasis have been linked to aging and various diseases. Nicotine, a metabolite [...]

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Smart DMC Technology :Exploring the Exciting Fusion of Vapeing and Lasting Flavor In the field [...]

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Weekly Highlights in the E-Cigarette Industry

Wales Establishes Task Force to Address Rapid Increase in Children and Teenagers Vaping A task [...]

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Global E-Cigarette Market Updates: BAT’s Vending Machines, Arcus Compliance Acquisition, and Regulatory Shifts

British American Tobacco Plans to Install E-Cigarette Vending Machines in Pubs British American Tobacco (BAT) [...]

E-cigarette Ban Impacts Tobacco Giant Altria’s Cigarette Sales

UK Implements Ban on Disposable E-cigarettes On April 1, 2025, the UK will enforce a [...]

Weekly Highlights in the E-Cigarette Industry

Considering a ban on disposable e-cigarettes to the UK e-cigarette industry proposing a new retail [...]

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his year, it has been observed that whether in the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, [...]

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Recently, the Chinese customs released the main market situation of China’s e-cigarette exports in 2023. [...]

Addressing Dizziness from Vaping

Understanding the Causes of Vaping-Induced Dizziness Have you ever experienced dizziness after vaping? If so, [...]