Vaping is delightful. Who would not want to vape with convenient and portable devices to use? Besides, the dominant vape pods are exciting, and innovations keep coming.

Vape pods are vaping devices that use pod systems, not atomizers or vape tanks. When you puff, the vaping juice in the pods vaporizes and moves to your mouth through the mouthpiece.

Unlike vape tanks, vape pods are smaller. For instance, they have a capacity of 1ml to 3ml of vaping juice, while the latter holds more than 10mls.

And why are they smaller? The vape pods work with the pod vape, which is compact. Therefore, the size ensures efficiency when the system is at work.

So, you’re about to shop for a vape pod, and there’s little you know about them. Well, here’s something to abet.

What are Vape pods?

what are vape pods

What are the vape pods? The vaping world is exceptionally innovative. While vaping began to help former smokers, the industry now has more to offer.

For instance, a pod vape. It contains a battery and a vape pod with e-juice. Pod vapes stand out as they utilize nicotine salts.

Besides, it is best if you quit smoking cigarettes. The smooth throat hit by nicotine salts and high nicotine absorption best fits ex-cigarette smokers.

With careful consideration of customer needs, Monvaper developed varieties of pod vapes like Mon max, Mon K4, K2,66, among many others. You can always try them out!

Pros and Cons of Vape Pods

As a new vaper, you might lose it trying to select a device that’ll intrigue you. So, check out the following pros and cons of vape pods and make the right choice!

Pros of Vape Pods

Broader Appeal

As a vaper, you’ll quickly fall for pod vapes. They are small, discreet, easy to use, and convenient. In short, a vape pod is an all-in-one device. The pod system is complete with its battery, coils, and a vape pod full of e-liquid.

Moreover, with a sleek and stylish look, vape pods are appealing. Not forgetting, pod systems create vapor through a process similar to mod kits. It is more like sub-ohming but at a lower temperature. Well, this makes it a powerful device. So, try the Monvaper variety of vape pods today. You’ll like it!

vape pod pros

Compact Vape Pods

Are you looking for a compact vaping device that easily fits in your pockets? Pod systems will work well for you if you are always on the go. With everything compressed into one simple device, you’ll easily carry it around without any trouble.


As vaping keeps you on your toes, you’ll want a device that’ll meet your demands at a lower price. And, what better way than to try pod vapes? While prices may vary, pod vapes are relatively cheaper than other e-cigs on the market. So, check out the dominant Mon Max pod vapes and purchase one today!


While among the newest products in the market, pod vapes have an excellent make. Don’t fret about your e-juice leaking in your pockets or bag as you settle on one. The device is simple and sealed to ensure no leak. At Monvaper, you’ll find varieties of chic, non-leaking disposable pods for you to select.

Cons of Vape Pods

Limited Flavor Selection

If you’re used to a pool of flavors to select, this is where the pod system might dissatisfy you. Unlike other vaping devices, e-cigs have a limited flavor selection, especially with a closed tank or prefilled pod systems. With an open tank, you might get to choose other flavors with nicotine strength you prefer.

Smaller Liquid Capacity

Vape pods have a limited capacity to contain your e-liquid. The system is smaller than other

vaping devices like the mods. Moreover, they have an all-in-one compact design which makes them lesser reducing the relative space to have more e-liquid. So, if you’re a heavy vaper, then the vape pods are not your go-to for your vaping needs.

Smaller Vape Batteries

As mentioned, pod systems are smaller than other vaping devices. It means the batteries, too, are lesser. If vaping requires you to keep puffing the whole day, vape pods run out of power faster. So, you might want to try pod vapes that give you a better allowance to vape away.

How Long Do Vape Pods Last?

Vape pods are compact. They have it all in one package. Unfortunately, it means pods are more petite, and batteries have a lesser capacity. Therefore, vape pods do not last as long as other vape devices like mods.

While being small is an advantage when moving around, it is a significant limitation to hefty vapers. Therefore, to enjoy your vape experience with vape pods, carry an extra set of vapes or devices.

With light vapers, pod vapes are the best. Besides, try vape pods if you want to reduce your vaping. They’ll limit your daily vaping.

What is the Difference Between Vape Mods and Pod Kits?

Pod kits are more like vape mods, just the smaller version. What makes the difference is the size, price, and effectiveness.

For instance, vape mods are box-like devices that apply sub-ohm technology. Sub-ohming makes the mods powerful and improves the vaping experience. On the other hand, pod kits are less powerful but allow sub-ohming at lower temperatures.

Unlike pod kits, mods are advanced with replaceable features. Moreover, you can improve

flavor and cloud size with mods. Try vape mods if you like cloud chasing with refined flavor tastes.

While starting, vape mods might not be the most convenient package. They are expensive, bulky, and complicated as compared to vapes.

Which is Right for You?

Now, this narrows down to you and your needs. But, here’s some help to know what you prefer. Ask yourself how much money you want to spend for your vaping experience.

Are you looking for intelligent and straightforward vaping devices? Or you’re out for the cloud and customized vape taste? When you answer these questions, you’ll know what’s right for you; vape mods.


Vaping is not a passing craze. First, keep yourself updated on the latest devices in the market. Then, enjoy the growing vaping world with vape pods like the Mon series.

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