Your vape might have many issues if it’s not working. Read the complete article and implement all the solutions if your vape pen is not working.

Some of the most common forms of vaping devices include vape pens. Many people believe them to be the handiest vape equipment because of their long-lasting service. Previously, vape pens were unreliable and infested with bugs. Modern vape pens are now equipped with excellent features, demonstrating that they are the best for vaping today. Many people choose vape pens because they are refillable, create more vapes, and allow for a more personalized experience.

However, if you do not take proper care of your device, you may experience problems. The concerns could include a malfunctioning vape pen, a burnt taste, and more. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why your vape pen might not be working.

The Push-button of the vape pen is not working

A fully functional push-button is included with almost every vape pen. You must click the button at least five times before taking a puff. Most vape pens work in this manner. However, you should learn how many times you need to click the button for your vape device. You should also make sure you’re holding the button down while vaping. Otherwise, the vape pen may not function properly. Therefore, click the button five times and hold it while you are taking a hit, and you are good to go.

vape pen is not working

Maintaining and cleaning the heating element

prevent vape from heat

An RDA coil is most likely the heating element of a vape pen. If you want to improve your vaping experience, you’ll need to maintain an RDA coil. Cleaning the RDA coil every two or three weeks is advised. Coil gunk is formed and caused by e-liquids over time. As a result, the heating element is unable to function properly, causing the vape pen to malfunction. This is why you should clean your vape pen’s heating element. If your vape pen is not working then check your coil.

Defective Coil or Battery

One of the most common causes for your vape pens not working properly is that the battery or coil is damaged. You’re more prone to have battery problems if you use vape pens a lot. Batteries are limited in their ability to produce a set amount of electric energy. As a result, once all of that energy has been expended, it will no longer work. Make that the batteries are in good working order.

The coils are primarily used to heat and vaporize e-liquid. As previously stated, the coils are supposed to be cleaned every few weeks. You should disassemble your RDA to see if it is in excellent working order. The vape juice becomes stuck and produces coil gunk as a result of excessive use and improper cleaning. The coil gunks make it difficult for the coil to heat up. As a result, it becomes defective and must be repaired or replaced. However, if you clean your coils on a regular basis, you may not have this problem with damaged coils.

Now, let’s look at some of the ways that can help with the longer-lasting of batteries and coils.

defective coil and battery

Don’t Overcharge The Battery

Overcharging batteries is one of the most common blunders people make. It serves no purpose. Overcharging reduces the battery’s life expectancy. Follow these two ideas to guarantee that your batteries last longer. One of them is to avoid fully charging it. You should not recharge it anymore once it has reached an 85-90 percent charge. According to several studies, doing so extends the life of your battery. Aside from that, avoid entirely emptying your battery before charging it.

Installing Cartridges in Vape Pens

Installing cartridges is an excellent way to get better service out of your vape batteries. There are some cartridges that can be refilled. These cartridges, however, must be cleaned once a month. Otherwise, they will not align properly with the batteries, resulting in a reduction in the battery’s efficiency.

Store Vape at The Proper Temperature

vape at the proper temperature

Nothing wrong but still your vape pen is not working. Make sure your vape pens are kept in a temperature-controlled environment. In most cases, it is preferable to leave the batteries and coils at ambient temperature. However, you must ensure that they are not stored in an overly humid environment. They will last longer if you store them at room temperature in a non-humid environment.

Other issues that cause your vape pen is not working

The most likely reason for your vape device not working is improper maintenance. Maintenance isn’t some euphemism. You’ll have a better experience with your vape pen if you clean the pieces of it on a regular basis. If you get into an unknown problem that you aren’t familiar with, all you have to do is gently clean the device.

Keep your vape pens longer

If you’re concerned about how long your vape pens will last, you should check to see if they’ve been properly maintained. There’s not much else you need to do as long as you take excellent care of it. All you have to do now is clean the coils and cartridges, or replace them as needed. That will be all.

Final words

Vape pens offer a fantastic vaping experience. They are anticipated to take over a large section of the vaping business due to their abundance of convenient features. You won’t have any problems with your vape pens or their components if you take proper care of them. When something isn’t working, take a close look at it by disassembling it to see what’s wrong. After that, you can use everything you’ve learned thus far to solve the challenges. We hope you enjoyed the read.

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