Are you living in a cold region? Here you’ll see 5 top tips for vaping in the winter. With continuous bleak and biting winds, winter proceeds for about three months yearly. Cold weather affects people differently. Persons in the winter regions thrive through the chilly weather. And thriving means essential activities like vaping are successfully engaged.

Well, like human beings, vaping is affected by the cold weather. While people can live in the coldest parts of the world, like Yakutsk, Russia, vaping too can bloom in the cold.

But how is it possible to vape in the winter? Read on to find out our top tips to avoid breaking from vaping in winter.

vaping in the winter

What You Should Know About Vaping in the Cold

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You wouldn’t want to miss puffing as a vaper, cold or no cold. But a little preparation will go a long way to ensure you enjoy your experience.

The vaping juice reacts differently to chilly weather. Cold weather condenses liquids. Imagine trying to vape only to find out the juice is almost solidified—for instance, variant e-juice experiences changes in viscosity at different rates, which interferes with vaping. Apart from losing your e-juice, vape devices will blip too.

Cold weather affects our health both positively and negatively. Taller people get colder faster while shorter people do not. It means you must keep warm as much as you yearn for vaping. But cold seasons are also a treatment for some illnesses.

Well, it could get worse vaping in the cold. So, with your hands exposed as you vape, you’ll likely freeze and get vulnerable to other illnesses. Do not fret about messing up your device and forget that your health is crucial. You must stay alive to vape! Put on warm gloves, pull out your device, and vape.

The winter chills vary, and you must consider some essential things to enjoy your vaping experience in the winter.

5 Tips for Vaping in the Cold

Now, the cold is here, and nothing you can do about it but adjust. Don’t worry. The following tips will make an easy-breezy vaping experience.

Try Keeping your Batteries Warm

Batteries have electrons that help power your device. However, the chilly weather slows this performance. Your batteries will struggle to enable you to puff. And this means they’ll soon be dead.

Imagine charging batteries for longer hours without gaining power. Vaping out in the cold is the quickest way to kill your batteries. At -10 degrees Celsius, your batteries’ capacity will stay at 70% and perform poorly than in warmer temperatures.

So, while you long to vape walking out in the snow, your batteries will die faster. Just like you keep warm and stay indoors in winter, batteries too should be kept warm.

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If you can’t stay without vaping outdoors, keeping vape in your inner pockets is enough to enable you to vape out in the cold.

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Monitor Your E-liquid

Frosty weather has a way of condensing liquids. Therefore, your vaping juice is not an exemption.

Luckily, the freezing point of e-liquids is lower than water. For instance, propylene glycol freezes at -12 degrees Celsius while vegetable glycerin condenses at -17 degrees Celsius. When you carry a vape to a place of about -17 degrees Celsius, your juice might freeze.

During winter, as mentioned, it is wise to monitor your e-liquid and avoid going to areas with shallow temperatures.

Besides, when the e-liquid freezes, it becomes thicker and interferes with the quality of the vape. Always check your vape tank to ensure it is sealed and in perfect condition for a smooth vaping experience.

Avoid Metal Drip Tips

Metals are always at room temperature. Imagine having a vape made of metal tips, and it’s winter. The rate at which your device gets cold and e-liquid condenses is high.

Also, your lips will quickly get stuck on the metal tip. Vaping alone is caused by dry, cracked, and crusty lips.

vape metal tips

Adding cold weather to your flaky lips will only do you more harm than good. Apply lip balm often and drink lots of fluids to avoid crumbly lips.

It is prudent to check your devices as you purchase. While some may look stylish and nice, settle for one that’ll serve you in all seasons. Avoid getting the vape mouthpiece stuck on the lips or the tongue. Try Monvaper vaping pods for a better experience.

Avoid Moisture around Your E-cig

Moisture is an enemy of vaping. When you carry your e-cig, do not expose the batteries to any moisture, especially as it snows. With moisture in the atmosphere, the usual seal around the vape tank shrinks. Here, the vacuum that enables the easy flow of vape juice is broken. So, vape juice will taste differently. It will cause your batteries to die as it interferes with the working of the electrons.

Be Careful You Don’t Drop Your Pod.

As it snows, thick layers form on the ground. When you drop your pod, it might disappear in the snow, or you’ll find it destroyed.

Remember, the e-cigs must be kept warm during winter for normal functioning. Now dropping them in the cold will bring a host of other problems.

It might break and spill the vape juice or destroy the heating elements. And that’ll distort your vaping plan. Therefore, be careful to avoid dropping your pod.

Is Vaping in the Winter Dangerous?

Vaping in the winter is not outright dangerous, though chilly weather has low humidity. And what this does is cause dry atmospheric air. With dry air, you’ll have a parched throat. As a result, vaping will make you cough, and it’s nasty.

You’ll also notice thicker clouds as you vape in the cold. The clouds do not disappear in the atmosphere. Vaping around other people in closed public areas is not a good idea. Some could react to your vape clouds.


As the weather has both extremes of cold and hot seasons, purchase a storage case for your e-cig. When you’re not careful, the cold will cost your vaping. The changes in e-juice viscosity, low-performing batteries, exposure to the cold are nay to great vaping.

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