While disposable vapes are one-time use, their durability varies with different brands and vaping styles. Do you know disposable vapes were previously not many people’s preference? What Are the Longest Lasting Disposable Vapes?

According to a survey done in the UK in March 2021, only 20% of vapers chose disposable vapes. And 77% of vapers settled with refillable vaping devices. But, with subsequent developments, these statistics have changed.

Durability, multiple flavors, less cost, attractive packages, and portability is some of the reasons many vapers now prefer disposable vapes. In any case, who wouldn’t want such a package for their vaping experience?

longest lasting disposable vapes

How do we categorize disposable vapes to find out the longest-lasting ones? The number of puffs, battery, and tank capacity helps draw the line.

Here, you’ll find some of the best-lasting disposable vapes on the market and where to buy them. Read along.

What Are the Longest Lasting Disposable Vapes?

We will specifically mention disposable vapes that are popular and liked by many vape lovers. Let’s have a look if you find your disposable vape long-lasting here.

Longest Lasting Disposable vapes

Monvaper MonMax Disposable Vape

With a battery capacity of 650mAh, 4000 puffs, and a tank capacity of 13ml, Mon Max is the longest-lasting disposable vape by the Monvaper brand. Did you know some brands produce rechargeable disposable vapes? Mon Max is among the unique devices. It can be recharged and has a mesh coil for a better experience.

So, with all the mentioned special features, it is true to say Mon Max can last for about a few weeks more than devices with less than 3000 puffs

Not forgetting the variety of flavors it offers. Are you new to vaping, or you’re still searching for a vape you’d invest in? Try Monvaper MonMax; it only goes for $10.79!


Among the most known disposable e-cigs in the market is ELF BAR BC5000. Like MonMax, it is rechargeable with a battery capacity of 650mAh. Besides, it has a prefilled tank capacity of 13ml and flavors to select. While it might cost you so much to purchase ELF BAR BC5000, it is worthwhile.

You’ll enjoy an extended battery life with quality flavors when you own one. Besides, its ergonomic square shape makes it stand out. You can get one and get ready for the puffs despite being sold without a charger.

Posh Plus XL

Are you still looking for a long-lasting disposable vape? Try out Posh Plus XL. You might fall in love. Did you know that it is among the oldest vape devices with a big e-liquid capacity? Over the years of its existence, it has been known for its 5ml tank capacity: 450mAh battery and 1.6ohm resistance.

With 1500 puffs and less price, Posh plus XL is economical. What’s more interesting is its ability to light when you puff on it. There’s no hustle of pressing buttons.

longest lasting vapes

Breeze Plus

Imagine spending on a vape device that dies off without the vape juice clear. You’ll not like it. What if you find a machine that guarantees you a delightful experience? Breeze Plus offers such experiences and more.

It has a battery capacity of 650mAh and a tank capacity of 3.5ml. If you invest in one of these devices, you’ll enjoy 800 puffs of clean, exciting hits. Though it is not rated first among the lasting vape devices, it is preferred by many. Try it today for a unique experience.

Geek Bar X4000

Geek Bar X4000 is unique. Most vape devices have similar features that make them stand out from this list. Geek Bar is not left out too. It has a battery capacity of 500mAh with 2ml of 20mg nic salt. Though it has a lower puff of 575, Geek Bar’s power output is reliable. Please select your favorite taste from its wide collections and enjoy your experience.

Which Disposable Vape Lasts the Longest?

best longest lasting vape is monvaper monmax

Mon Max is the longest-lasting vaping device based on battery capacity, tank capability, flavors, and previous customer satisfaction. Mon Max and Mon Crystal Pro, among other Monvaper superior brands, will not disappoint you with frequent puffers.

You see, though the style of vaping matters, Mon Max can handle every vaping style. For consistent users, the battery may efficiently run out of charge. But, Mon Max disposable vape has a large prefilled tank with a lasting battery capacity.

Can You Make Disposable Vapes Last Longer?

It is possible to make disposable vapes lasting. Below are some ways to be successful in it.

Don’t Store Your Vape in Extreme Hot or Cold

Extreme temperatures and scorching conditions affect the battery life. Have you ever come across a leaking battery? You risk overheating and leaking the battery when you store your vaping device in high temperatures. Besides, the vape juice might evaporate when exposed to extremely high temperatures. Cold, too is detrimental to the battery.

Don’t Overuse Your Device

As mentioned, people vape differently. Such habits increase the chances of the battery and the vape juice running out. Frequent recharging reduces the battery life, and the disposable vape will not last as it should. Moreover, you can’t vape on an empty tank! It is wise to take breaks to avoid overusing your device.

don't overuse vape device

Where Can I Find the Longest Lasting Disposable Vapes?

You’ll find disposable vapes from online retailers like Monvaper, gas stations, CBD shops, and other legal dispensaries. You can purchase Monvaper products from its official website. It has an endless list of excellent quality!


Whether you are a frequent puffer or not, longer-lasting disposable vapes will save you from lots of disappointments. Avoid getting interrupted as you enjoy your vape due to low batteries or juice levels today! Buy longer-lasting disposable vapes for an unmatched vaping experience.

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