After years of smoking tobacco, it was clear that it was a cause of incurable diseases. While smoking was invented thousands of years ago, its harmful nature was discovered 220 years later by Dr. Benjamin Rush. We will see the history of vaping in this article.

 A search for a better way to enjoy nicotine never ceased. With the idea of developing a medicinal compound, Joseph Robinson developed the first electric vaporizer in 1927.

For some time, the search stopped until tobacco’s effects were no longer negligible. Several people attempted to make an e-cigarette years after. And it was successfully made and first used in 2003.

history of vaping

The history of Vaping is not a passing craze, and it has immensely grown. Read on to find out more about the history of vaping and what the future holds.

When Did Vaping start, history of vaping?

To replace burning tobacco and paper with moist and flavored air, Herbert Gilbert invented the smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. It was the first patent issued by the US government on 17th August 1965.

At that time, most cigarette producers declined to take up the idea as their business was blossoming. Some of the features of the e-cigarette from then resemble the present ones: a heating element, flavored cartridge, and clouds.

history of vaping who invented it

Phil Ray and Norman Jacobson invented a commercialized e-cigarette that wasn’t fully electrical in 1979. Despite getting to the market, It wasn’t very accurate, but this invention helped create the name vape.

In 2003, motivated by his father’s death from lung cancer, Hon Lik created the first e-cigarette. The adoption of vaping by Europe and the US in 2006.

The e-cigarette was not gladly accepted, there were many attempts to stop it worldwide, with shops like Amazon burning its sale. With many lawsuits, it became successful as a method to help smokers quit. So, are you addicted to smoking? Vaping can sought you out. Try it today!

When Did Vaping become Popular?

Hon Lik’s invention was the best and started gaining popularity at an alarming rate. Lik made use of a chipset and a small battery to make fumes that resembled cigarette smoke.

Besides, Lik made e-juices that became popular. Other companies like VUSE and Smoke Anywhere started selling e-cigarettes. And importation of e-juice began in the US, but market supply was limited.

So, with all this insight, when do you think an outburst in the vaping world came? Most vape companies argue that 2010 was the year of difference. In that year, the UK held the first vape festival.

Moreover, the love for vape juice grew, and people wanted to explore more flavors and clouds. With the immense growth vape juice, vaping is currently an unbridled enthusiasm for most people.

The Components of Vaping

While it’s made of glass, plastics, or wood, vaping devices are diverse. Some resemble USB drives, pens, or combustible cigarettes. Well, there’s more to vaping devices. The components differ depending on the model. They include batteries, atomizers, cartridges, and vape juice. Want to find out how they function? Keep reading.

The Batteries

Every machine requires an energy source to function. Vapes, too, have a power source that heats the atomizer. There’re three types of batteries; disposable, integrated and removable batteries. The vape batteries are handled with care. Though rare, vape batteries can explode. Always follow the manufacturer’s guide when taking them.

vape battery

The Atomizers

Atomizers are an essential part of the vaping device. With the coil and wick, the device is complete. The wick is made of cotton, and it’s the absorption point. It gets saturated with the e-juice that burns to produce vapor.

automizers for vape devices


Like batteries, atomizers are in three types; disposables, cartomizers, and clearomizers. The disposables are the simplest form of atomizers with no need to refill once they empty.

On the other hand, cartomizers have the e-liquid, and the atomizer is joined. Cartomizers and clearomizers are refillable. But as the name suggests, clearomizers are transparent, and you can see the e-liquid levels.

Other components include the cartridge and the vape juice. The cartridge is the tank holding the e-liquid and the atomizer. And, Vape Juice is also called e-juice or e-liquid, is the fluid containing nicotine or other flavorings that serve to vape.

Relevant Regulations from Different Countries

Are you a vaper, and you’re traveling around? Don’t just whip your vape and start puffing. It’s wise to check out regulations from different countries to avoid getting caught on the wrong side of the law. Vaping regulations in most Europe countries are the same.

For instance, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Netherlands, Ireland, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, among other countries, do not restrict vaping. In these countries, vaping is classified as cigarette smoking. Meaning where smoking is allowed, vaping is acceptable too. However, in Norway, you’ll have to get a doctor’s note to prove you’re vaping on nicotine to quit smoking. And you’ll have your day!

Most popular vape is Monvaper

Despite vape’s invention in Asian countries, vaping is strict and, in some countries, banned. China stands out as it’s the country of the invention. Well, do not find yourself vaping in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, India, or Singapore. In India, you might be jailed for up to six months for possessing vape. It’s wise to be alert while in Asia. In some countries like Hungary, heavy taxes are levied on vape juice to discourage it.

What stands out in different countries is that some countries limit vaping with nicotine but allow smokers to quit. Though most countries worldwide allow it, some deny citizens to sell it or accept a maximum of 10ml vape for each buyer.

What Does the Future Hold for Vaping

When vaping was first introduced into the market, it was despised. However, the more people quit smoking which is harmful to start vaping, the more it gained popularity. Tables have turned, many people now prefer vaping to smoking.

Vape sales continue to rise globally. There are 55 million vapers worldwide, and this was not the case several years back. Other than reducing health risks, vape is less costly in most regions. More innovations of the flavorings are in place to ensure the vaping experience is unmatched.


While the basic function of vaping maintains in all years, vaping devices have evolved over the years. The user experience has continually improved with new features and alterations. Moreover, with constant vape inventions, there’re premium vaping devices with advanced components. You can access one that’s your best fit. And enjoy vaping!

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