For quite some time now, vaping has been able to make its presence felt in today’s popular culture. Because it comes in so many different flavors, many people think of it as a vaping substitute. However, some issues are common when it comes to vaping. Vaper’s tongue is one of them. Let’s look at a vaper’s tongue and how to treat it.

What is a vaper’s tongue?

The change of notice in a vape’s flavor is usually caused by the vaper’s tongue. What happens on a vaper’s tongue is that the flavor of their choice loses its flavor, causing discomfort while vaping. It’s a common occurrence that affects almost all vapers at some point. A vaper’s tongue, on the other hand, is only temporary and can be avoided.

what is vaper's tongue

What causes the vaper’s tongue?

There are numerous causes of vaper’s tongue. Your vaper’s tongue may not be the same as someone else’s for the same reason. However, there are some frequent causes that have been identified over time. So, without further ado, let’s look at the possible causes.

Vaping the same flavor for too long

There is no scientific evidence that vaping the same flavor can cause a vaper’s tongue. However, we have found many vapers who have experienced vaper’s tongues due to vaping the same flavor for an extended period of time. You can experiment with different flavors to see if this is the cause.

Damaged Taste Buds

damaged taste buds while vaping

This may appear self-evident, but it is not always the case. Your taste buds may become impaired if you constantly try out extremely spicy dishes. Excessive smoking and drinking are also plausible explanations. The good news is that taste buds tend to recover on their own after a short period of time. Because your taste buds weaken as you age, we recommend that you be mindful of your diet and other habits.

Your taste buds will usually recover in about two weeks. As a result, give your taste buds the time they require to recover. We recommend that you see a doctor if you notice no change at all.

Recently Switched From Smoking

This is not for you if you are not a smoker or have not smoked in a long time. People who quit smoking and started vaping are likelier to get a vaper’s tongue. Excessive smoking wreaks havoc on the senses of taste and smell. However, the damage usually heals on its own.

However, if you haven’t started smoking recently, this isn’t likely to be the cause.


Most of us frequently forget to stay hydrated while working. This frequently leads to dehydration, which is one of the most common causes of dehydration. You should also check for headaches, fatigue, or dark urine. If you enjoy vaping, remember to stay hydrated.

Mouth Dryness

You’re likely to get a dry mouth from time to time because of a lack of saliva, especially as you get older. Regrettably, it can also result in a loss of taste.

vaper's tongue

Blocked Nose

As previously stated, your sense of smell collaborates with your olfactory senses to determine flavor. When your nose is clogged, it affects how you taste, especially with more complex flavors.

Aging E-liquid

Flavors in e-liquids. can degrade over time, resulting in a peppery taste. In that case, you might not have a vaper’s tongue and just need to get some new vape juice!

Dirty atomizer contacts

Many vapers have shared their experiences with vapers’ tongues caused by dirty atomizer contacts. As a result, if you have experienced such a phenomenon, we recommend that you use a different vape tank.

What are Some Cures for Vaper’s Tongue?

When it comes to vaper’s tongues, there are numerous treatments available. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most effective treatments for vaper’s tongue.

vaper's tomgue

Change the flavor

This is possibly the simplest way to determine whether you have a vaper’s tongue or not. All you have to do is switch the flavor you’re currently enjoying. And replacing it with something you like or want to try out. You can return to your previous flavor after a week or two. There’s a good chance you’ll get the same flavor as before with no changes.

Use a stronger Flavor

Although most vapers prefer to experiment with mild flavors. But, since you may need to switch flavors now and then, why not try something a little more substantial? It’s sometimes worth switching to a more robust flavor. After a few puffs, you will notice your vaper’s tongue disappearing.

Drink water

As previously stated, not drinking enough water causes dehydration, which results in a vaper’s tongue. So, remember to stay hydrated. A glass of water every two hours is sufficient.

End dual vaping

If you are a dual vaper, we recommend that you stop. When it comes to protecting one’s health, it is ineffective. While dual vaping, many vapers encounter a variety of issues. We don’t want you to experience any of these while vaping. Sore throats and breathing problems are two of the most common side effects of dual vaping.

Clean your tongue

Oral hygiene is essential. It maintains the appearance of your smile while preventing bad breath, tooth decay, and disease. It can also aid in keeping your taste buds in check. You can try cleaning your tongue whenever you notice a bit of the vaper’s tongue to see if everything is fine. Cleaning your tongue can sometimes help your taste buds work better.

Vaper's tongue

What to do if vaper’s tongue persists

If you notice that your vaper’s tongue persists despite trying everything we’ve mentioned here, you should see a doctor. Any further delays could lead to a slew of other issues. As a result, you should consult a doctor and only do what the doctor recommends. However, as many have discovered, we believe the probable causes and cures are similar. I hope you had a fun read.

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