Vaping is a progressive industry. Innovation of trendy devices, styles of vaping, and e-liquid flavors are frequent. The idea started as a solution to quit smoking, but guess what, over 10 million people are vaping daily.

Like smoking, vaping has a share of health impacts to the body. According to research, vape juices release fine chemical particles in the atmosphere harmful to the body.

But the rules around using them, particularly in public places, have never been apparent. Thus, the need for regulations and laws to control this newfound norm.

So, where can you vape in public, and what considerations are there before you whip out your device? Read through and find out.

Is Vaping Taken Seriously?

Vaping has become popular among individuals creating a sparked government reaction. Do you know that in 2021 the number of vapers was about 55 million? And it keeps rising.

In public places, vaping is prohibited and smoking is banned. While most people have normalized vaping in public, different countries have specific rules about it.

Currently, vaping is a serious matter.  Imagine pulling out a vape pen to puff only to get caught. Always update yourself on local vaping rules before choosing to vape in foreign lands.

Where is it Legal to Vape?

Vaping is not tied to any specific legal laws on were to vape or not, especially when not in public. When vaping at home, it’s your choice whether or not to vape indoors. Well, this is only possible if you own the premises. Avoid vaping in a rented house without understanding the owners’ laws. If you are renting, check the details of your tenancy agreement or ask the landlord if vaping is allowed.

Are you alone in your car and craving your Monvaper? While vaping as you drive is not legal, you might ruin your concentration and run into another vehicle. So, as you turn the engine on, remember to put away the vape and only vape and drive when not distracted. But if you are using public transportation, consult and learn their guidelines towards vaping before you start vaping.

It is legal to vape in a public land away from home. That includes parks and recreation grounds, urban spaces, public streets, pavements, and other open spaces that you have the right to access. However, you have to be keen on any signs that prohibit vaping in these places. If there are any rules, abide by them.

In the UK, passengers are not allowed to vape while on board most public transport. And, the transport centers like train stations and airports are mostly privately owned. Hence, do not allow the use of e-cigarettes.

Can You Vape in Public?

Well, this is a tricky one! Though the answer to this question depends on variant state laws and land owner preference. Legislations and laws, in general, differ from place to place.

So, try asking yourself this, how does this affect the users and passersby? Vaping in public applies the same laws to people who smoke cigarettes. Where smoking is allowed, vaping too is permitted. With unclear state laws, e-cigarettes bypass some restrictions. 

Indoor Bans

Indoor air quality is affected by vaping. Though vaping indoors is not automatically barred, several terms and conditions apply to the proprietors. Enclosed public spaces are sensitive too. For instance, bars, eateries, and clubs ask clients, not to vape for diverse whys and wherefores.

Why do you think vaping in some areas is prohibited? Now, some owners claim that the smell of e-juices is not favorable to many. And the fear of vaping being confused with cigarette smoke is another worry. To accommodate everyone, the vape laws apply indoors.

As you wish to vape in a privately owned place, check out the signs. Maybe smoking is prohibited, find out whether vaping too is illegal. If you can’t stay without vaping, always ask for permission from the owners, you might get lucky!

State by State Laws

Currently, different state jurisdictions are in the process of endorsing laws that prohibit vaping everywhere smoking is banned. In areas with all-inclusive laws on smoking, vaping is allowed. However, there are other several indoor areas where e-cigs are ruled out.

With China being the home to most vaping industries, puffing is permitted in some indoor facilities including eateries, bars, and public transport.

In some states like Nebraska, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Tennessee do not regulate indoor vaping, be it by state territory or on a local level.

Also, states like Georgia face vaping ban in universities with an exemption for education and other research purposes. Back in 2015, Connecticut’s resolve was to outlaw vaping in places like schools, hospitals, casinos, eateries, and childcare amenities.

On the other hand, states like Delaware eliminated vaping where smoking was prohibited, and in some public places like restaurants. Idaho, Ketchum banned vaping in all enclosed workplaces, including bars and restaurants.

And, Hawaiians passed a bill in April 2015 that makes it illegal to permit vaping in workplaces and other public places. Besides, Hawaii raised the legal age to purchase traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes to 21years.

Yes, vaping is not just about the vapers alone. Their freedom could be harming someone else. Vaping has a more significant impact. Studies have shown harm to non-vapers who are unlucky enough to work or live around vapers. “When you ban vaping in public places, you’re protecting everyone’s health, including and especially the non-vapers

Is it fair to Penalize Vapers?

While you may want to ignore the health impacts of vaping, it is prudent to be keen and care for other people. Unfortunately, some people fail to process the smell, the clouds, or use the vape as well. For this reason, vapers who fail to follow regulations are penalized. Penalizing vapers is fair as long as rules have been broken.

Will Things Change?

The vaping world is growing, and the concerns are not negligible anymore. So, yes, things are changing. There’s the enactment of vaping rules frequently to curb any loose ends for the safety of the people worldwide. With the growing concern of young vapers ingesting lots of nicotine, the country’s like Australia among others are up in arms to make changes in vaping legislation.


Are you now in the clear about vaping laws? If you’re still stuck, remember to keep this in mind; where smoking is allowed, vaping too is allowed. And, any signage of no smoking means vaping is illegal in that area. Now you know! Always check out for signs, ask, and do not make assumptions. Do not break laws and face uninterrupted vaping times.

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