You wouldn’t want to harm your family just because you chose to vape around them. Pets are family, and vape around pets may harmful to them. Have you come across a family with pets? According to research in the US, 85% of dog owners and 76% of cat owners associate with them as family.

They treat them well and are essential teachers to children too. Trust, compassion, responsibility, and passion are some lessons children gather from their cuddle buddies.

As human beings, the most harmful substance in either smoking or vaping is nicotine. When you check your vape device, it warns you should keep away from children and pets. As the yummy e-liquid scent entices you, your pet will also want a taste that is harmful to them.

vape around pets

Still, you can vape around your pet, but you must exercise caution. So now, how should you vape and keep everyone safe? Let’s find out.

How Vape Puts Your Pet at Risk

Vaping around pets can pose lots of risks. Here are some of the ways you’re endangering your fluffy friend:

Inhalation of Vaping Chemicals

Breathing in harmful vape chemicals is risky. Did you know vaping contains toxins like nicotine, aluminum, and hydrocarbons?

how vape put your pet at risk

When your pet inhales these substances, the possibility of developing respiratory problems as nasal cavities heighten.

The toxins are so severe that in 2016 the World Health Organization (WHO) warned people and pets. The organization stated that exposure to second-hand aerosols from the vape risks people inhaling harmful air.

Ingestion of Vaping Juices and Device

Most e-juices have an inviting taste. And cats and dogs are always looking to bite something, especially when you have it in your mouth. So, your dog might ingest your device if you vape and leave your device unattended.

Whether the e-liquid or the vape device, they can easily take in and cause fatal problems. From reported cases by Animal Poison Control, there are many calls of dogs and cats ingesting vape devices.

Still, these accidents are avoidable. Therefore, be keen and ensure your pet doesn’t access and ingest harmful substances.

vape around pets is harmful

How to Keep Your Pet Safe from Vaping Exposure

You can enjoy vaping with your pet only when you follow the guidelines provided below.

While most vaping juice bottles are child-proof, pets have sharp teeth and will find their way out. So, keep your e-juice away from pets as you vape.

keep your pet safe

Vape with pets only where there is proper ventilation, or avoid vaping around them altogether.

Always store your e-cig where pets cannot access it by any means possible.

Make it clear to your vaping family that it’s not allowed in the house, especially in the presence of pets.

E-cigarette wastes should be placed in lidded bins that pets cannot open.

Do not drop e-cigarette wastes that pets can access. Even if the gadgets used in vaping are harmful, your pet might choke.

How to Diagnose Nicotine Poisoning in Pets

Nicotine poisoning in pets is frequent. While it’s impossible to see a pet purchase vape juice or a pack of cigarettes, they always fall at risk of nicotine toxicity.

The rate at which nicotine affects your cat or dog depends on body weight and the amount of nicotine ingested.

For instance, did you know the toxic dose for nicotine in pets is as low as 1mg per kilogram to 9.2mg/kg of the pets’ body weight? On the other hand, a quarter teaspoon of nicotine e-juice quickly poisons a dog weighing 40lb.

So, how will you know your fluffy friend is poisoned?

vape around pets

Open its mouth and check the gums for any cigarettes or vaping material residues to confirm what it has ingested. Sometimes the pet might have ingested other poisonous substances like insecticides. So, check the vomit too, to be certain.

Well, after an hour of taking in e-juice or a cigarette, your pet will show the following signs:

  • Excitement
  • Drooling
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Pupillary reflex
  • Trembling
  • Signs of possible seizures like twitching

Nicotine Poisoning Treatment

When your pet ingests nicotine and hasn’t succumbed to the poisoning, you’re lucky and need to do some damage control before you get to the hospital.

But, remember, early treatment is essential. Therefore, it is prudent to induce vomiting less than an hour after the ingestion. Call your vet as you administer first aid.

At the vet’s, he/she washes the pet’s stomach to remove any nicotine present, done under sedation. And activated charcoal reduces the chances of nicotine absorption in the body.

Other medications, including intravenous fluids, should be administered to support circulation for the body to get rid of nicotine.

If your pet survives the first four hours, be grateful, they are out of danger. Just ensure to treat any possible seizures. And after 16hours, all the nicotine in the body will be gone. The liver metabolizes it and releases it from the body in urine.

Complete recovery is possible in a day or two. So, your pet might be discharged then.


Vaping around your pet is unsafe unless your e-juice is nicotine-free or you’re watching your activity. While vape clouds easily dissolve in the air, your fluffy friends might want to taste the sweet vaping juice. Keep your vaping materials under the key and lock. All forms of nicotine are harmful, so be careful and keep your family healthy! Choose Monvaper vapes that are less harmful because of their low nicotine and quality ingredients for healthy vaping.

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