Over the years, disposable vapes have gained popularity due to their convenience. While refilled vapes sales dropped, disposable vapes sales rose from 10.3% to 19.8% from August 2019 to May 2020.

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With the rise in sales and popularity, the need to improve the quality of disposable vape increased. Previously, disposable vapes came with a complete package of a refilled tank and charged batteries. And when the batteries run out or the tank empties, the vape is disposed of.

Did you know you can now refill your disposable vape? That’s right. Things have transformed. Besides, disposable vape has a variant of exciting flavours that’ll keep you craving for more!

While you can refill it, the tricky part is how to do it correctly, especially when you’re not entirely replacing the cartridge. Well, flick through to find out more about refillable disposable vapes.

Disposable Vapes

Are you new to vaping, and you’re not familiar with vapes? Then, you’ve got to try disposable vapes. As mentioned, disposable vapes are ready to puff type of vape devices.

They are easy to use. You don’t need to have it all figured out. The packaging is portable, inexpensive, available e-juice flavours of your choice, with and without nicotine hits, and the convenience of an already charged battery with a complete cartridge.

And now, advanced features to allow you to refill your e-juice as you wish! Moreover, most disposable vapes are re-usable, and this is vital for environmental sustainability.

Can You Refill a Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes can be refilled. So, are you looking for an affordable but exhilarating vaping experience? Disposable vapes have become even cheaper with the introduction of refillable.

What’s more exciting is that the devices have similar features. Therefore, don’t fret when you purchase a refillable and disposable vape and you’re unsure how to handle it. In fact, the advancement doesn’t mean complexity, and most disposable vapes are easy to handle.

But, it’s wise to know your device, do your research and find out how to handle it. With refilling steps alike, you’ll know what to do. For instance, you might fail to refill your cartridge and opt to replace it. That’s possible too!

How Can You Refill a Disposable Vape in Three Simple Ways

Can you refill a disposable vape? Even though disposable vapes can be refilled, you cannot open some. However, let’s discuss different ways to fill your disposable vape.

Open the vape Pen

Opening the vape pen is the first step to refill your e-juice tank. Disposable vape pens are made to serve you for the designated time, and you dispose of them. So if you want to open it, you’ll have to unbolt it. It’s possible by winding it off.

At this point, you need to ensure the mouthpiece rotates counter clockwise until it loosens. The recommended turn is three times, and when you fail to unscrew it, your vape pen isn’t the refillable type. To be on the safe side, always place the mouthpiece in a safe place.

Fill the Cartridge with Oil

Do you know that the capacity of most disposable vape pens is 0.5grams to 1 gram? Your vape pen is indeed most likely of the same volume. And, it would help if you always had a syringe or eye dropper that’ll make filling the cartridge with oil way easier.

But I’d prefer a syringe for a perfect job without trickles. Aside from that, always leave the battery attached to the cartridge for safety.

Screw the Mouthpiece Back in Place

As you get to this level, you’re about to enjoy your vape. Please don’t get too excited; the cartridge is delicate, so handle it with care as you replace the mouthpiece. Also, tighten the mouthpiece with caution to avoid breaking it.

Well, there you have it. Wasn’t that easy? If you have a refillable vape tank, you can now easily enjoy various vape juices.

Why Refill a Disposable Vape?

From this read, disposable vapes can be refilled. Though such vapes are not designed for such activities, there’s a way out, as mentioned above.

Anyway, refilling your disposable vape is fulfilling. You’ll get to enjoy various flavors as you wish. Moreover, you’ll have more time puffing on your preferred vape pen.

Sometimes, you might run out of your e-liquid, yet accessing a vape shop is hard. It’s easier to borrow and refill your tank from a friend with the refillable type of vape. And, voila, your vaping experience isn’t cut short.

Refilling is also cheap. If you want to enjoy puffing at a low cost, your favourite disposable e-cigarette, then refillable disposable vape is your plug.

Is Refilling a Disposable Vape a Viable Solution

But why should you refill it if they are meant to be trashed after they empty? You see, as much as the disposable pens can be filled they have several setbacks. For instance, you might want to check your batteries before refilling. It would be disappointing to refill your vape tank with your favorite juice and fail to enjoy it.

Another setback is the inability to open the vape tank for refilling. Did you know the quality of your vape device determines its ability to open? Most high-quality vapes tend to refuse to unscrew, while the low-quality ones open up quickly but have fake batteries. When you risk buying the low-quality type, you risk wasting your vape juice.


The fact that you can now refill your vape is relieving and, you should go for it, keep in mind that it is a delicate procedure. You currently have a chance to enjoy a few more puffs from your disposable vape as long as you know how to refill it. Read through the steps and try it today!

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