Traveling is exciting. And, the tendency to want to carry everything is undeniable. Besides, as a former smoker, your tobacco craving may keep you on your toes for more.

So, as you plan to go for a vacation, you might want to carry your vaping device. But, can you bring your vape pen on a plane? Well, that’s tricky. But it is allowed with some rules and regulations to adhere.

While electronic cigarettes are allowed on the plane, you cannot use them. And, the rules to regulate vaping on a plane differ in diverse airports and countries. It is considered dangerous to have these devices on the aircraft. As the batteries are mostly lithium-ion and are considered hazardous by airport authorities.

Now, as you wonder whether to have your vape with you while traveling, here’s an answer. Read on to find out.

How to Bring Your Vape on a Plane

Having your vape pen on a plane is possible. With a strict follow-up of the set rules, you’re good to carry your vape.

However, did you know most vaping devices have a battery that quickly overheats with changes in pressure and altitude? As mentioned, battery safety is vital in a plane, and lithium-ion batteries are treated with so much caution. Most of the laws on carrying vapes are within this fact.

For this reason, you’ll always find batteries being transported on the ground. Besides, there are strict regulations concerning carrying your vape juice and other gels too.

Here are some more regulations to check out:

Some Rules Every Vaper Needs to be Aware of

As a vaper, it’s wise to know different rules and regulations concerning your favorite device.

It’s prohibited and Extremely Dangerous to Vape and Charge your Vape on a Plane.

Vape devices are dangerous when poorly handled, especially batteries. Now, imagine lighting them up or charging them. The risk is unimaginable.

Safety is essential, and no matter how much craving you have for nicotine or your best flavor, you cannot vape on a plane. The device might light up and cause avoidable accidents.

Double Check with the Airlines Rules and Restrictions to make sure you are Complying with their Policies  

To be found on the wrong side of the law is devastating. Always ensure to double-check airline rules and regulations to make sure you’re not breaking the law carrying your vape.

Carry On Bags, Ok; But Checked Bags, No                         

Do you always have a carry-on bag when traveling? If not, you should consider having your vape on the plane. However, vaping devices and parts are not allowed in the checked bags due to safety measures.

Most airlines agree to carry vape batteries and anything related to vaping in carry-on bags. So, if you have your vape juice, storms, or any electronic device, you can have them in the cabin after checking. Remember to pack them in your carry-on bags.   

How to bring Your Vape Juice on a Plane

You have purchased your favorite vape juice, and you can’t snub it as you travel. Is it possible for you to have it on a plane? Yes, it is. Though airlines have rules and regulations concerning vape juice and other gels, they don’t prohibit them.

For instance, if you are packing your vape juice with other toiletries, 30ml to 100ml  is allowed. It applies to toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, or hair gel. And, you’ll have them in a quart-sized clear zip-lock bag.

Luckily, you can carry more vape juice in the checked bags if you have it well packed in a zip lock and double bag to avoid spilling. Imagine arriving at your destination with totally soiled clothes from your vape juice.

How much Vape Juice Can You Take on a Plane?

There are laws concerning the amount of vape juice to carry. The carry-on bag has an allowance of about 30ml.

But, there is a high chance of spilling the vape juice. For instance, if you have your e-liquid in a glass bottle and stuffed in the checked bags, you might get unlucky. So instead, ensure your vape juice is carried in a clear 1-quart zip lock bag, which will allow you to have at least 100ml in your checked bags.

Can You Vape on a Plane?    

Vaping on a plane is prohibited. Can you stay without nicotine for a long flight? If you can’t, then it’s prudent that you get other forms of nicotine like patches, and gum, among other states. Getting caught vaping on a plane could get you in lots of trouble.

Can You Vape at the Airport?   

You might fail to know or locate a vaping zone at the airport. So, avoid vaping where smoking is not allowed. While some airports may have signs and areas for you to vape, most of them do not indicate the smoking zones. It’s because they are elegant smoking areas set apart by most airports.

Always Learn the Local Vaping Laws before You Travel     

Are you about to carry your vape gear without checking local vaping laws? Imagine puffing on your favorite vape as you walk down the streets, then suddenly you get caught. It is inconvenient and embarrassing! Therefore, always check, ask, and research the local laws before you travel. It’s better to be safe!

In Conclusion

As much as carrying your vape on a plane is allowed, many rules and regulations are considered. Besides, every locality has its set of rules concerning vaping. So always check and familiarize yourself with them before packing your vape. Do not miss out on vaping on your vacation, carry your favorite vape today!                                                                                    

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