“Burnt hit” refers to the occasional burnt taste felt at the back of  the throat  by  e-  cigarette users  while  vaping.  It  is not  a  pleasant feeling and  often  results  in  new  converts  rushing  back  to  the  good  old  cigarettes  as  the  “burnt  taste”  can  have   a number of causes, and requires a bit of  research  and  experience  in  handling  vaping  products to fix and ultimately avoid.

If  you  got  the  burn  taste  while  vaping  even  after  regularly  changing  the  coils,  then most probably, one of the  following  reasons  is  the  cause,  and  you  would  need  to  take one or more of the following actions to get rid of the burnt taste in the vape.

Vaping on an empty tank

The first action to take is  to  check  the  e-liquid  or  juice  levels,  as  depending  on  your  usage,  the  vaping  device  tank  needs  to  be  regularly  refilled  or  topped  up  with  the   juice, or otherwise you will simply be vaping on an empty tank. Keep an eye  out  at  the e-liquid,  the  juice  should  be  covering  coil  input  holes  or  at  the  minimum  the  tank  should be  quarter  full.  This  is  because  the  wicks’  material  (normally  cotton)  starts to vape taste burn If the juice runs out or its level becomes too low.

Not Priming your coils

If  the  juice  levels  are  okay  then  you  need  to  prime  your  coils  because  replacing  the   coil on  a  regular  basis,  although  essential  is  not  enough.  You  also  need  to  prime  the  new coils or the refillable kit as  it  is  necessary  for  a  smooth  vaping  experience.  The  process outlined below is relatively easy and simple

  • Check compatibility of coil and device.
  • Check the wattage range and adhere to it.
  •  Use  the  coin   holes   in   the   coil   to   pour   2-4   drops   of   the   e-   liquid   or   simply  soak  the  on   the   exposed   cotton   of   the   new   coil   to   saturate   the   wick.
  • How   long   you   wait   for   the   wick   to   saturate   is   your    decision.    Some    people   wait   ten   minutes   others    a   few   hours,   while   some   prefer   to    let    the wick soak overnight.
  • Attach   the   coil   to   the   tank   and   carefully   fill   it   with    your    favorite    e-   liquid
  • Take some “Primer Puffs” by sharply inhaling a few times without using the ignition button and resume vaping.

Wick not soaked or properly installed

If you still get the vape taste burn after priming your coils or  filling  up  with  the  e-liquid,  that could mean that the organic cotton material that makes up the wick  is  not  saturated  properly.  Maybe  the  wick  has  more  cotton  material  around  it  as  compared  to  other  coils and you need to top  up  /refill  the  device  tank  more  than  usual,  you  can  also  increase  the  soaking  time  of  the  wick  and  ensure  that  the  wick  is  properly  installed,   and its material is of good quality.

Vaping with E-Liquids with high VG Content

Please  make  sure   that   the   e-liquids   VG   contents   are   less   than   70%   or   wicks   quality   is   above   average.   As   e-liquids   with    high    VG    contents    can    choke    the    coil   as   they   are   thicker   and    therefore    harder    to    absorb    as    compared    to    liquids with PG content.

So, you have taken all the above four mentioned actions and still are getting the vape taste burn, now you have a slight problem and would need to take the following two actions. One is easy, but the other is slightly difficult. Let’s go with the difficult one first.

Stop Chain Vaping

Taking Puffs  in  quick  succession  without  taking  any  break  is  known  as  “Chain  Vaping”  and most people  are  guilty  of  this  at  one  point  or  another  as  past  smokers  they  are  used to puffing on their cigarettes  without  stopping.  In  case  of  vaping,  when  you  take  puffs quickly on your device, the wick tends to get dry and if you  keep  it  up  that  is  a  sure-fire way of burning your coils. So  please  take  a  break  between  vaping  and  let  the  wick  get  soaked  properly.  It  is  a  difficult  thing  to  do,  but  some  changes  in  puffing  habits are needed to get the best experience.

Turn Down the wattage

High   powered   and   sub   ohm   vaping   both   mess    up    the    coils    and    result    in    burnt taste.   If   you   are   using   a    vaping device    with    variable voltage,    please keep within the recommended   range of   your device when vaping to ensure that coils don’t burn out or the wick doesn’t become too dry.

The burn hit is not a pleasant feeling, but if you follow the above insights, you can have a satisfying vaping experience and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

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